The Board of Directors for The Global Merit & Essence Awards Network Inc., is comprised of men and women who are inspirational leaders in their communities and each brings to the organization strength, insight, diversity and passion for global change.  The board of directors will oversee management and ensure that the long-term interests of the investors, employees, volunteers, partners and recipients are being served.


  • Blair Brown
    Blair Brown Co- founder/ CEO
  • Tiana Robinson
    Tiana Robinson Co-founder/ COO
  • Raine Williams Media Director
  • Carrie Mullings
    Carrie Mullings Entertainment Director
  • Lindsay Ziehl, MBE
    Lindsay Ziehl, MBE Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Olga McClarty
    Olga McClarty President & CEO NiClayChris Training & Consulting Inc., OMDP Certified Trainer & Coach
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