Her World Her Vision: Josie D’Agostino


J osie D’Agostino attended York University obtaining an Undergraduate degree in Religious Studies as well as Gender and Women’s Studies. Josie decided on pursuing a degree in Religious Studies due to the narrow minded community in which she grew up in. When asked about her choice of Major, Josie replied by stating

“I grew up in a community that was predominantly Italian and Catholic, I was a product of my community and I knew I had to be more than that”.

While attending York University Josie had taken a course that had informed her on the structure and effects of Patriarchy on women within our society,

“During school I took a course on Patriarchy and it sparked interest and I decided I wanted to empower women, the way my academic studies empowered me”.

The lack of career options from her chosen Undergraduate program was a concern for her family, this ultimately placed pressure on finding an appropriate career. Josie decided on a career path through volunteering,

“I volunteered a lot and attended a meeting and spoke to a counselor at York University”.

This allowed for Josie to have a clear idea of the career she wanted. Josie D’Agostino currently works in a resource center for young women as the program coordinator that assists pregnant and parenting teen mothers, Josie goes above and beyond in providing these young women with the tools to pursue their own personal goals.  Each day Josie creates change within the community in a way that is unique and irreplaceable. Josie is a mentor to these women and serves as a positive influence, friend, and advisor. The connections she has formed with these women cannot be replaced due to her approach; this includes encouragement as well as supports that often overflow from the category of client to trusted friend. Josie’s efforts have also been recognized, as she was the recipient of an award for her dedication and hard work by Toronto Police.  Josie continuously makes a difference within the community through personal relationships with her clients, through her efforts there has been a positive change within the community in which she serves.  When asked about the way she plans on creating change, Josie responds by stating:

I don’t plan on changing anything myself, I plan on giving the young women I work with the tools and the confidence to succeed. I take my queue from the young woman on whether or not the young woman is in need a lot of help or a little bit of help”.

Josie’s vision for young women is something that should also be honored, and viewed as one of the main reasons for her success within the social service field.  Josie describes her vision as Utopian,

“I believe our society is individualistic and everyone is for themselves, we can do better than that, I have seen it. I believe there is a lot of power and skill within women, community is very powerful and if we actually supported each other and governed each other than we would be in a much better place”.

Josie D’Agostino’s  vision for young women is one to be honored, the passion she has, is what has created and sustained the small community of women that count on her as a social service worker but most importantly as a friend.


Blog Written by: Sabrina Morataya  

This Blog is dedicated to Maria Di Guglielmo, you are greatly loved. 

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