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GMEAN Lifetime Achievement Award is in recognition of an individual who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution in their respective career, and is highly recognized Globally or in their individual Communities and whose work has inspired excellence in others.

GMEAN Philanthropy Award honours the individual who demonstrates outstanding commitment globally and/or locally, through financial support, or development of charitable programs. This individual displays exemplary leadership in philanthropy

Excellence in Medicine recognizes the individual who has demonstrated excellence and a high level of commitment to medicine or medical research

Literary Excellence Award recognizes an individual whose literary work is exceptional and who is an inspiration to others

Community Impact Award highlights the individual who makes a positive impact on communities locally or globally to enhance the quality of life in the community

Youth Mentorship Award recognizes an individual who has changed the lives of youth through engagement, mentorship and leadership

Fashion Award recognizes (1) an established AND (2) an emerging individual who has made outstanding contributions to the fashion industry. The award includes: designers, models or management

Technology Award honours an individual for excellence in technology and whose work serves as an innovator and/or role model to others

Business Excellence Award recognizes an individual who exhibits excellence in business, management and one who conducts business with integrity

Media Award is presented for excellent contribution within the media industry, including: television, radio, internet or print. Areas include: reporting, on air presenting; talk show, production or management

Excellence in Politics awarded to a political or community leader who has made a positive impact on politics past, present or future

Science Award honours an individual who contributes to the study of science and/or the scientific field in their community and/or around the world

Sports Excellence Award is presented to the individual who excels in the field of sports or sports related activities, or has significantly impacted the sporting industry. The award may be also given to a manager, owner or coach

Excellence in Education Award honours an individual with outstanding achievement in academics or academia and/or community involvement

Arts Award is in recognition of an individual who excels in Creative, or Visual Arts and is not limited to any one genre or discipline

Entertainment Award honours an individual who demonstrates excellence in the areas of Theatre, Film, Television, Dance Music or Music Composition