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GMEAN Welcomes 9 Co-op Students from Ontario for the Winter Semester.


The Global Merit and Essence Awards Network (GMEAN) welcomes 9 co-op students from Secondary School during their winter semester. The students will be involved in many of the day to day tasks at GMEAN from research and marketing to event planning and sales. Below are the following students that we are happy to welcome to the team: 


Kyle Zeller – Research 

Logan Weagle – Conference, Seminar and Event Planning 

Ram Patel – Marketing 

Odelia Shitrit – Sales/Marketing, Social Media 

Valarie Kovarski – Social Media 

Ian Babushkin – Website, Tech

Jamarcio – Website, Tech

Odon Daniel – Marketing 

Yair Gurel – Marketing 


The internship program started on February 22 2021 and will end on June 29 2021. Co-ops give students a well-rounded education. It is an opportunity to expand their knowledge and to practice the latest theories and approaches in their particular discipline, and it also allows the student to develop employment skills, explore career options, and network with potential employers, which gives them a competitive edge when entering the workforce. Co-op programs are supervised by not only employers but the institution as well. 


GMEAN is excited to be involved in the learning of our younger generations and as always ready to help the community around us!