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Rebecca Theodore is a confident and extremely powerful woman who has always been passionate about writing and public speaking. She has had experience in these areas, through hard work and confidence. When asked about her passions growing up; Ms Theodore stated, “I Remember speaking in front of a crowd at twelve years old, my teachers and family members knew I was either going to be a writer or a public speaker”. Throughout her journey Rebecca remained focused on her career. When asked about who she believed to have influenced her on her journey Theodore gave such credit to Martin Luther King Jr and Fidel Castro, “I was attracted to Fidel Castro, I remember sitting for many hours and listening to his speeches. I also was influenced by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was captured by the I have a dream speech. This is what I wanted to represent and sound like”. When questioned about her struggles throughout her career and personal life, Rebecca discussed having setbacks that have affected her personally and professionally on her way to success. “I fought to be heard, I was In search of the American dream. I had to endure racism, as a black person there is a struggle to be taken seriously. People don’t take me seriously coming from the Caribbean”.

Although these obstacles were placed in front of her she was able to overcome her setbacks through practicing confidence in all situations presented to her, during the interview this character trait was most noticeable and extremely contagious. “Confidence in myself, belief in myself, I cannot look at myself as a victim, I’m not a victim I am a victor, Where people are afraid to go I will go You can move mountains with confidence and equipping myself with those strengths in character”. The philosophy that Rebecca chooses to live her life by, she describes as knowing “how to play the game of life”.  “Understand the game of life, memorize the rules than enter that game, when you start playing you play to win, never play to lose”. Currently Theodore is involved in media communications, and is an independent journalist and columnist. She is  working on obtaining her own talk show that is based in the United States. Rebecca’s aim for the show is to unite women and share their stories. “ I hope to bring women on my show rich  and poor, and tell them to not be afraid of your stories because they are important”. When asked about her upcoming project she described it as being “Specifically about a new voice, personal voice, Looking to set a legacy away from slavery My setback would be my comeback” Rebecca had described a vision for young women and it should be considered to be one that is  based on self sufficiency . This vision for young women is one that provided young women with independence, confidence, and resilience.”I say to my daughter to be true to yourself” The legacy I want women to know is that I ran the race and I won”.

The current situation that negatively affects women young and old are oppressive: Rebecca plans on changing those circumstances in her own way. “I plan to change the current situations for young women on a daily basis, I will bring stories of people who have walked that path before, telling  personal narratives are very important”. The personal advice that was given to uplift women and could be utilized within various areas of their lives was that “women must Understand the world first, arm yourself with confidence to motivate yourself than you can move mountains. “When the world realizes you are strong the world will take a backseat, the world realizes you are strong so the world will back down. You have to challenge the world”. These words are the same words that Rebecca has used to steer her life in the direction that has placed her in the position she is in today. She has chosen to use her influence and voice to promote her television show and empower women. This is what separates her from the rest, Rebecca is giving back to the community in her own way, in a way that exposes her talents while creating a new positive narrative to the masses.

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