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“Sometimes You Win ... Sometimes You Learn”

John Maxwell


At GMEAN, we feel strongly that we must take the time to appreciate, nurture, support and invest in our children and youth. We are taking particular steps to ensure that our children are not left disenfranchised and feeling isolated and unimportant because of their economic environment. So, most of our work is with this challenged community! Our Youth Engagement Program is always evolving as we work to address the needs that are in our more vulnerable communities.


Batik Art:  we use the arts to engage our youth, especially those in the underserved communities, to grow, excel and to imagine themselves as youthpreeneurs. The workshops are taught by trainers who themselves were once in the program. 
Internship/COOP: focuses on education & development.  We are working with schools, colleges/universities to provide students with an opportunity to spend some time in the “real world” while fulfilling their credit requirements.
Youth Peer Mediation
GMEAN will re-vamp its “peer mediation” program, which will include but not limited to youth driven roundtables and webinars. 
Literacy Initiative
We will also launch our literacy program beginning with “ The Right Book” where we will encourage our children & youth to re-discover reading as a hobby.